Saturday, November 25, 2006


I opened up the little book
and stared at it's pages
all of the numbers blurred
time runs together
and makes no difference
minutes becomes hours
hours become days
and the days bleed into months and months of frustration
how many more days can I count?
How much longer can I wait?
No longer can I tell whether time is running backwards or forwards
or if it's stopped all together
time pases in a haze
and I'm so confused

I need you to pull me to safety
Tell me what time it is
because I think it's time for us
to stop putting life on hold

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Going Blind

Today I saw your reflection in the lake
but the sun caught my eye and I turned away
when I looked back you had disappeared
I thought the sun should have blinded me
to save me from seeing your face
mocking me in the water and dancing away
a cold breeze swept through the valley
when you disappeared
I was cold and you weren't there to keep me warm
you laughed as I shielded my eyes
from the sun as you ran away
You tempt me every day
with your reflection
somedays I wish it were real
then you disappear and all my hope is lost
to the depths of that murky water
I don't think you quite understand...
I would give up everything I have right now
just for you
yet you still mock me
and continue to fade away