Saturday, January 27, 2007


To most of you, who called me friend
thanks for nothing
To those of you, who smiled at me, and laughed behind my back
thanks for nothing
To the very few, whose words have never failed me
thanks for everything

I am not who you think I am
or who your friends said I'd be
My outside does not at all begin to reflect the inside
and the words conceal the real thoughts

I've never asked for a friend
nor have I asked for lies
but I continue to recieve both
and in return, you're getting nothing
I will not play these games
I will not take heart what you say
and to those to whom this is directed
I'm sure you already know who you are

You are not my friend, my companion
You are not my confidante, nor a soft shoulder
Hellos, and goodbyes, and still your words mean nothing
You think I smile because I believe your empty promises
but I'm smiling because I am one step ahead of you
and damn, it feels good to be ahead

I am a mother, a daughter, and a sister
what do you have to be proud of?
certainly not your clear disregard for depth,
for, self worth
for, pride
in nothing
you are

I found a friend, in the least likely place
and was surprised to find
she kept her word
friend, she said
and friend she kept

I do not look for charity nor pity in her
simply the comfort of knowing
her soul
her heart
her being

The thing she has that many of you lack

I am not sexy
nor do I party
drink, smoke, drugs

I have pride, compassion
mother, daughter, sister

Monday, January 15, 2007

Songs on Shuffle (Let's Dance)

The music is blaring
so loud I can barely hear you
But I don't need to hear a single word
to know what you're saying
I'm weak at the knees
and I can't tell if it's from dancing
or the look in your eyes
I have to remind myself to breath
Can we keep tonight on repeat
I've been wandering in the dark for so long
the hardest thing is leaving the light I've found
I don't feel quite right
leaving you behind

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Under Quarantine

The acid in my stomach slowly rises
I try to fight it
feeling weak, tired, and numb
I'm using every bit of me I have left
to deny this feeling
keeping from spewing every heated word,
putrid thought,
and the bile from within me
I haven't eaten in three days
as this fever spreads throughout my body
I wake up from these nightmares
in cold sweats and violent tremors
I lay staring blankly at my ceiling
thinking, breathing, only being
This disease is spreading through me faster than I can fight it
I don't know how much longer I can take it
each day gets worse and worse
the days are getting longer
and the screams are getting louder
and everything is imploding
30 seconds from the finish line
and there you are
right where you've always been

a cure for this deadly cancer