Saturday, September 15, 2007

Your Resistence, Brought On By Your Interests

This is playing out like a bad movie
I'm trying to warn you
of the man behind the door
but you can't hear a word I'm saying
and now he's got you in the corner
a knife to your throat
you scream
in a panic he grabs your throat to silence you
his grip is deadly
so deadly
I'm watching you suffocate
and there's not a damn thing I can do
I'm pounding my fists on the TV screen
pounding until they bleed
I'm screaming at him to let you go
screaming and pleading
but you still can't hear me
I'm trying so hard
and getting nothing for my efforts
nothing but bloody fists
and a lost voice
it hurts to beat the glass
and my screams no longer sound
he draws his knife again
and I realize...
there's nothing more I can do for you