Monday, May 11, 2009

Life As A Painting

Everything is black and grey
black and grey, black and grey
I felt like the color was starting to fade
I can't shake this
why can't I shake this
I found an artist
he captures the color
but I still can't shake this
can't shake this
I found an artist who captures the color
an artist who makes art
is art
I'm no artist
because I can't find the color
all my paintings are black and grey
I know what happened
and it's all because of you
you stole the color
my color
you stole my color and now
I can't shake this
but I found an artist
and he will bring my color back

Friday, April 10, 2009

We Shall

The day of pain
I sat sobbing
watching my life flash before me
everything, gone
my world was crashing down on itself
but I moved onward
each day my stomach swelled
each day you grew stronger
each day I grew more fearful
what if
I couldn't do it
I wasn't good enough
I couldn't provide the life you deserved
but I moved onward
your little feet kicked from inside me
tiny elbows brush against my stomach
I felt you growing stronger
my fear grew stronger

The day you arrived
came in a haze
this was the day
but as you were placed in my arms
I saw the little feet that kicked me
the tiny elbows that brushed my stomach
and the face I longed to know
a love I never knew swelled in my heart
you were mine
every time you smile
when your eyes light up
when you laugh
I am glad you are mine
because I get to see it
every time you cry
when you are hurt
when you are sad
I am glad you are mine
because I can make it better

I dream about our future
and although the road ahead is unclear
I am no longer afraid
because I know that I love you
and that you are mine
and together the world is ours

Driving Song Pt II

Driving across this desolate land
this stretch is a ghost town
and I am merely a ghost
floating through this life
a wisp of my former self
the warmth makes me stronger
hope makes me less transparent
Trees without leaves
twisted and broken
Glory known once, lost
It's all about finding my way
I was lost for a long time
following the path, not knowing where it lead
letting it lead me
lead me to my death
it took a great feat of strength
to regain control
Looking out at the road ahead of me
it looks so lonely now
but any day now I'll reach my destination

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Driving Song

Decisions in life we make
some we never know why
reflective and regret full
how did we end up here?
Life, dreams, goals, the pie in the sky
all we ever wanted
two days, two years
it's times like these we can't tell the difference
the line is being blurred
you're breaking the rules
it was never supposed to be like this
Fairy tales and script-like love
these are things of dreams my friend
The hardest part is doing this alone, or doing this
all the things I thought would wait
are lies and deception
the two have become the premise of my life
tired of feeling
distance makes the heart grow fonder
Life makes the heart grow colder
a rock beats life through me

Sunday, March 1, 2009


My head is throbbing, pounding
Another six hundred and some odd page done, one day
That's not what's making my head hurt
Books are easy, life is hard
I've never wanted something so bad in my life
It's hard
To think...
that I was lied to
He made me think...
He made me believe...
And now look at me, I'm a mess.
I don't want him, not one bit
But I want someone
to look at me with nothing but pure love in their eyes, and mean it
to not care about anything else other than my happiness and safety, and mean it
to mean everything they say
I have never wanted something so bad in my entire life
I hurt, everywhere
Like my body is beating itself up
I...I don't know what to do...