Thursday, December 7, 2006

Back from the dead and still going

Beat. Pause. Beat Beat.
oh I have been through hell
my poor little heart has been picked up
thrown down
drop kicked
ripped apart
and sewn back together
more times than I'd like to count
it rides on rollercoasters of emotions
spilling its contents after stepping through the gate
its been taken for granted and ignored
it's been both excited and bored

yet through it all it manages to get by
and my calloused little heart continues to beat

Beat. Pause. Beat Beat.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

priority mail: first class

I'm so happy
that I can finally see
I thought I knew
there was something that pulled at the back of my mind
I tried to ignore it
tried to tell myself it's not true
but now the blinders are off and I see the real you
you don't know what you want
with anything
I didn't expect you to know what you wanted out of life
I wasn't going to put the bar that high for you
but you could at least have your friends somewhat figured out by now
next time don't make plans you know you can't keep
and don't tell me you didn't see this coming
I knew before I even asked you
I took a chance and had everything shoved right back in my face

So I will go alone
I will brave the roads by myself
Sing along to my CDs by myself for 12 hours straight
and when I get there I won't have a single thought of what you're missing out on
because I know who my real friends are
they are my priority mail: first class
and I am obviously just your junk mail