Monday, December 24, 2007

A Line In The Sand

i could just as easily say any of those things
to any one of my friends
simply for revenge
but the thing is...
i possess absolutely no desire to utter any of those things to anyone but you
you are my one and only
when I say these things I am not saying them simply
the words are few and simple
but the meaning behind them would take forever to explain
i think a line has been drawn in the sand
i stand here
and you stand there
and either you cross to my side
or we forever be cursed
with this line in the sand
the sand used to be a comfort underneath my feet
but now it seems uneasy to stand on
the days pass
something seems to be slipping
and I can't quite get a grip
time apart
a salvation, no longer a curse
your words of kindness turn to hurt

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It Goes A Little Like This

There's something about this
I just can't explain
at a loss for words
temporarily speechless
you make my heart beat faster
you make my world spin
I get dizzy when you kiss me
and I'm feeling slightly
very, in love with you
it hasn't been long
but it sure has been a rollercoaster
and I can't be more grateful
for your reassuring hand
and your beautiful voice brushing against my ear
everything is going to be ok
I used to be afraid of the dark
all alonebut with your arms around me
all fear has vanished
I want this forever