Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Walk in the Park

Take a walk through the park,
a few steps in someone else’s shoes.
Never knowing where you’re going
or how you will get there.
Who needs a map
when you’ve got nothing but time.

Tell yourself it’ll be different this time.
Life changes and grows like the oak trees in the park.
We aren’t given a map
to tell us where to go, just shoes.
We walk, and we get there;
wherever it is we’re going.

In a world where everyone is constantly going;
the hustle and bustle constrained by time.
Each person concerned with their
own path, winding through the same park.
Barely looking up, eyes fixed to our shoes
as if somewhere in the leather lies a map.

A series of dots and lines; a map.
Keeping readers on course as we go,
wearing down the soles of our shoes.
Trying to find that Thing in the time
we are given to walk through this park.
Nothing else matters as long as we get there.

You are here, we are there.
If only you had followed that map,
the one you lost in the park
that night he told you he was going;
needing space and just a little time.
He left you standing there staring at your shoes.

Leather, wood and laces, these shoes
that should have taken you there.
If only you had enough time
and that damn map.
Instead you find yourself going,
wandering through this autumn park

Though your shoes are hardly worn, you park,
Stopping right there, to redetermine where you are going.
Nothing but time, the crumpled mass is left and you go, sans map.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

P.S. Wish You Were Here


The music started and I walked
I looked
I held
and I spoke
You watched on

As the words tumbled from my lips
you stood beside me
and though you were there
I felt your absence

I was told that you were in the wind
kissing my cheek as you blew past
but I couldn't see you
either of you

Silent whispers
Unfelt embraces
When all I wanted was your voice
your arms
soft kisses upon my cheek
instead of tears

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Photo

There was a girl
so small and meek
Her eyes, oceans of sadness
Laughter peaked out
and pulled at the corners of her mouth
But only when you walked by

You were the sun
you made it light
when there was nothing but darkness
And she revolved around you

She was your sun
She made it light
when there was nothing but darkness
And you revolved around her

You danced around another
ever twirling
lives entwining
ever loving
Each held in the eye of the beholder

But one day the light went out
the dancing stopped
and your world crashed down around you
Standing alone in the dark
your heart torn open
bleeding on the floor

You picked up the pieces
and walked on through the dark
never seeing light
until you let me in

I opened a door
let a sliver of light peak in
and you jumped

Your ever burning light
could not brighten your own way
but one glance
and I was ablaze

But it wasn't enough
it never would be
because I wasn't her
and I had a secret

I envied her all along

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Acoustic Guitar

Let it rock you
let it shake
I can feel it in my heart
I can feel it in my mind
in my blood
and in my bones

These soft notes rock me
steady steady
strum, it numbs me
I could lay here forever
and smiling

the vibration sets me
moves me
my drug of choice
the strum of those notes
soft voice in my ear
you make everything disappear.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love Letters

To everyone I've ever loved
and to those who have loved me
I thank you for everything
for the heartbreak
and the happiness
for the good times
and the bad
this wouldn't be life without it

Thanks to you I am living

From the bad comes the good
things must get worse before they get better

I have seen the bad
I have seen my personal worst
and from that
I live

From the torn and broken
a bond was born
two friends never closer
A mother's love for her daughter
and visa versa

From betrayal and bruising
came the purest love I've ever known
a mother's love for her child
a son to call my very own

From lies and damaged friendship
one stood out among the many
a best friend
a sister

and from hopelessness and loss
came beauty in love
one who completes me
who fills me
who loves without ever being asked

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Late

If you had looked into those liquid blues
felt the tiny hands
lifted the small weight in your arms
would things be any different?

Time is what every friendship needs to blossom
but were we too late?
Had I been months earlier, days or weeks
would the bond be any stronger?

If you had been there for the helpless cries
and soft sleepy whimpers
if a tiny hand grasped round your one finger
would your heart have swelled?

I'm giving you time
but I can't help but wonder
if we were too late
if it would be different

If his name were the same as yours
would you love him more?
I feel as if the one he carries
is your one reason to stay away

If I had left just a little sooner
would he call you Daddy?
would you hold him in your arms
and call him your son?

If you had gotten to know him
when he was a little younger
would your heart have room for him too?
or were we too late?

I can't force it
I can only foster
but how can I foster a love that doesn't exist?

I wish you'd look at him with a light in your eye
I wish you'd hold him,
embrace him,
play with him.
I wish you'd acknowledge him
when he wants your attention
I wish you'd love him.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Life As A Painting

Everything is black and grey
black and grey, black and grey
I felt like the color was starting to fade
I can't shake this
why can't I shake this
I found an artist
he captures the color
but I still can't shake this
can't shake this
I found an artist who captures the color
an artist who makes art
is art
I'm no artist
because I can't find the color
all my paintings are black and grey
I know what happened
and it's all because of you
you stole the color
my color
you stole my color and now
I can't shake this
but I found an artist
and he will bring my color back