Wednesday, August 23, 2006

liars, cheats, and things in between

maybe i think too much
perhaps i let my mind wander far more than i should
hidden between every word you say
i hear lies
a sense that the words coming from your lips are just words
i cant help but feel like this is just a game
something you laugh about when i'm not there
i'm so afraid of everything
i'm reluctant to try this
if it's only going to have a deadly outcome
so please
if you care even the slightest bit
let it go before you kill me
i'm telling you i don't have much left
no energy or hope
please dont let this be for your amusement
i don't want to be a pawn
in another useless game
i'm tired of playing
from now on i'd just like for things to be real
i'm way past pretending
if you're ready to grow up a little
if you're ready for this
show me you mean it

Friday, August 11, 2006

I call it bliss

Slow motion playback. Rewind and play it again. This is so fun. It's like nothing else matters when I'm in the moment. Careless and aimless we go through life, but this is the best. Play, this sweet music and dance with me. Pause, look at us having fun. Play, keep up it don't let the song end. Stop, oh no it's over. Promise me we'll do this again tomorrow. I'll bring the music if you just bring your bad self. We're gonna dance until the end of time, just like this. Disco may be out of style but we're making life the new craze. Everyone wants to be us, cause we're the best at dancing through life. Look at us go. I call this bliss.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

love shines light and darkness

Would you swing with me, and watch the stars? Looking into the vastness of the night and knowing there is only us, here. Would you hold me tighter when the breeze blows, so cold upon my flesh? Hold me, like you're never letting go. Would you whisper how great it is, to be sitting here with me? Every minute, every breath, counted, and dreaded at the same time. Would you look me in the eyes, and spill your heart without ever saying a word? Words say so much, but I see your soul through your eyes and it says so much more. Would you cry if I left, the sadness ripping at your heart? Love is sad, but don't let it go.