Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Breath stops. Breathe in. I suffocate with every intake. In the darkness, in the silence, quiet tears fall. With every move a twinge of pain, with every twinge a memory. The memories rip at my heart with a fierceness I've never known before. Why like this? Why me? I stare into the mirrors I can't avoid and wonder what I have done to deserve this. I've done nothing but my best to be all that I am. Apparently who I am is not enough, yet I still refuse to change. Why be like everyone else? Why live life as a mindless embodiment of "normalcy"? For that is not living at all, it is merely existing. I live to see beauty, life, and love. I see real things, I believe in real things. I am not fake, I do not try, I am not someone else to gain respect, love, or adoration. I am only me, can't you see that? I scream, I cry, I love, I feel, I am human. It is not unnatural to feel pain, to express the pain.

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