Wednesday, August 23, 2006

liars, cheats, and things in between

maybe i think too much
perhaps i let my mind wander far more than i should
hidden between every word you say
i hear lies
a sense that the words coming from your lips are just words
i cant help but feel like this is just a game
something you laugh about when i'm not there
i'm so afraid of everything
i'm reluctant to try this
if it's only going to have a deadly outcome
so please
if you care even the slightest bit
let it go before you kill me
i'm telling you i don't have much left
no energy or hope
please dont let this be for your amusement
i don't want to be a pawn
in another useless game
i'm tired of playing
from now on i'd just like for things to be real
i'm way past pretending
if you're ready to grow up a little
if you're ready for this
show me you mean it

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