Friday, April 10, 2009

We Shall

The day of pain
I sat sobbing
watching my life flash before me
everything, gone
my world was crashing down on itself
but I moved onward
each day my stomach swelled
each day you grew stronger
each day I grew more fearful
what if
I couldn't do it
I wasn't good enough
I couldn't provide the life you deserved
but I moved onward
your little feet kicked from inside me
tiny elbows brush against my stomach
I felt you growing stronger
my fear grew stronger

The day you arrived
came in a haze
this was the day
but as you were placed in my arms
I saw the little feet that kicked me
the tiny elbows that brushed my stomach
and the face I longed to know
a love I never knew swelled in my heart
you were mine
every time you smile
when your eyes light up
when you laugh
I am glad you are mine
because I get to see it
every time you cry
when you are hurt
when you are sad
I am glad you are mine
because I can make it better

I dream about our future
and although the road ahead is unclear
I am no longer afraid
because I know that I love you
and that you are mine
and together the world is ours

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