Friday, July 6, 2007

Breaking Glass

Oh you're funny
baby you're so god damn funny
maybe you should write this all down
because your story keeps changing
you're bad at lying
but I'm not quite sure what it is you're lying about now
you lost me at your fake "I'm sorry"
you're not at all sorry love
don't worry, I've figured you out by now
you were right when you said I'm angry
it's scary how much I want to do something drastic
that balcony is looking mighty fine
in all my anger I'm surprised that it's my body I imagine falling to the hard ground below
when I could just as easily picture you
it's no secret that if it happened it wouldn't phase you one bit
I'm sure the town would be at a great loss
but I was more concerned with how you would feel
but you don't
you heartless bastard
you can admit to it forever baby
but that doesn't change how you don't care
you know you make mistakes
it doesn't make it right if you don't do anything about making some changes
speaking of becoming someone better
I'm fine with who I am
and you don't realized how insecure your words make me feel
that you wish I were someone else
that things would be so much better if I was her
too bad I'm not


and the sad thing is:
you're okay with that

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