Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Boy Who Wasn't

I can't tell if I'm angry or upset
and the broken glass isn't helping my decision
I'm staring at the blood
fury red
and I'm weighing out those words
yet none seems more fitting than the other
your laughter is hiding something
and I'm going to find out what
if I have to rip you apart from the inside out
I'm done with sweet nothings
and hopeless words of wishful romanticism

I'm feeling sinister tonight
I wonder what you'd think
if your insides burned like mine
twisted like mine
I bet your laughter would echo off the walls
until it morphs into screams of agony
I'd like to watch your heart beat
from outside your chest
proof that you actually feel
ice or fire?
we'll see if your blood is ice cold
maybe some day you'll be a real boy
for now you're nothing but a fake

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