Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love Letters

To everyone I've ever loved
and to those who have loved me
I thank you for everything
for the heartbreak
and the happiness
for the good times
and the bad
this wouldn't be life without it

Thanks to you I am living

From the bad comes the good
things must get worse before they get better

I have seen the bad
I have seen my personal worst
and from that
I live

From the torn and broken
a bond was born
two friends never closer
A mother's love for her daughter
and visa versa

From betrayal and bruising
came the purest love I've ever known
a mother's love for her child
a son to call my very own

From lies and damaged friendship
one stood out among the many
a best friend
a sister

and from hopelessness and loss
came beauty in love
one who completes me
who fills me
who loves without ever being asked

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