Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Late

If you had looked into those liquid blues
felt the tiny hands
lifted the small weight in your arms
would things be any different?

Time is what every friendship needs to blossom
but were we too late?
Had I been months earlier, days or weeks
would the bond be any stronger?

If you had been there for the helpless cries
and soft sleepy whimpers
if a tiny hand grasped round your one finger
would your heart have swelled?

I'm giving you time
but I can't help but wonder
if we were too late
if it would be different

If his name were the same as yours
would you love him more?
I feel as if the one he carries
is your one reason to stay away

If I had left just a little sooner
would he call you Daddy?
would you hold him in your arms
and call him your son?

If you had gotten to know him
when he was a little younger
would your heart have room for him too?
or were we too late?

I can't force it
I can only foster
but how can I foster a love that doesn't exist?

I wish you'd look at him with a light in your eye
I wish you'd hold him,
embrace him,
play with him.
I wish you'd acknowledge him
when he wants your attention
I wish you'd love him.

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